Our next concert will be with our dear friends, The Steel Wheels. Weaving themselves intricately around a single mic like a finely tuned mechanical watch, with traditional instrumentation and old mountain harmonies, this quartet manages to keep the spirit of Appalachia alive and pulsing without any of the baggage of antiquity or the indulgence of bluegrass twittering. Their music is just simply beautiful, vital, and ageless.

These guys are headlining huge festivals these days, so to get them in a setting as intimate as the Grotto is a really rare opportunity. In fact, knowing that seating is so limited, we're gonna try something special this time around, and open up the concert to everyone all over the world via Concert Window.

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Concerts in The Grotto are hosted by us, Danny Schmidt & Carrie Elkin. The Grotto is the nickname for the back room in our east Austin home. Many a song has passed 'round many a late night song circle here. It's a warm funky intimate space to share music and to experience music.

We host these concerts periodically and irregularly when one of our songwriter friends is passing through town and has a free night to share some of their music in a great little intimate environment like ours.

If you're interested in being added to our email list, let us know . . . and then we'll let you know whenever we have a new show up coming.

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The concert will commence on:

Door open at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8:00pm.


For reservations:

We are asking a $30 suggested donation per person. 100% of that goes to the artists. There's four of them, and they've each got some beautiful little mouths to feed back home.

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